Here you can find work (sketches and pieces) created in the last 10-12 months. I have been dedicated to my art particularly in the last year and a half, in which I have relocated internationally (Australian) to South Africa, been influenced by various art movements and learned a variety of new techniques and mediums; a combination of these have brought me to where I am today.

(These are not in chronological order)

Ditch, 2016

Oil paint on canvas

(My first oil-painting.)

Alistair, 2016

Charcoal on paper

Untitled, charcoal, 2016

Charcoal, oil and multimedia on paper

Helena, 2016

Watercolour and pen on craft paper

The man, 2016

Pen on craft paper

We The Gnome People, 2016

Pen and watercolour on paper

Ivy, 2016

Pen on paper

Lillian, 2016

Pen on paper

Untitled, 2016

Multi media, oil colour and charcoal on canvas

Connor, 2016

Charcoal on paper

We Could Have Been Friends, 2016

Acrylic, charcoal, collage and pencil on paper

Dad, 2016

acrylic on paper

Digital edit, 2017

Untitled, 2016

Oil on plexiglass

Untitled, 2017

Watercolour, pen